Green Graham Challenges Tory Mark Pawsey on his Refusal to Debate

Pawsey confront
Green Graham challenges Mark Pawsey on his refusal to debate

Our candidate Graham Bliss caught up with the elusive incumbent Rugby MP Mark Pawsey at Rugby BikeFest and challenged him on his refusal to debate the other candidates in a public forum.

Conservative Mark Pawsey had rejected an invitation to debate at Tuesday’s (23rd May) hustings at St Andrew’s Church, Rugby. Despite being offered numerous alternatives, Mr Pawsey told hustings organisers he was unavailable for the event.

Graham said: .

He claimed that he had other plans, prior arrangements on that night. I told him, as the organisers would back me up, that he was offered other dates so that he could be present. He refused to acknowledge that he had been given other dates.


I told him that he should be held to account by the other parties and that what he was doing was an affront to democracy and not good for the people of Rugby. He said that he was being held to account on the doorstep and then walked off. Has he arrived at your doorstep?


I strongly believe he is being advised to avoid public scrutiny because the conservatives are currently losing a lot of ground in the polls. Their manifesto has been a point of contention and is deeply unpopular amongst the British people.

Graham added that the inability to face public scrutiny on record is an affront to democracy. Mark should be present at the debates to face the opposition party candidates, and the questions from the public. Disgusting behaviour from a Tory that clearly has no backbone. An utter disgrace