Graham and the Rugby Green Team Continue with Local Campaigning


The events in London last night has shocked and appalled all right-minded citizens. This has meant that, in line with national guidelines, Rugby Green Teams on Sunday have engaged in low-key local campaigning such as delivering posters for display by Green Party members, chatting to voters and leafletting in Benn, Brownsover and Long Lawford.

Earlier on Saturday morning Graham and the Rugby Green team greeted voters at their stall in Chapel Street, explaining policies and listening to their concerns.

After the stall event Graham popped over to have a look at the Rokeby field to see what the residents are dealing with, having shown support for their campaign in the past. Graham said:

We have a school shortage in Rugby. A real problem. But the residents are correct in opposing the plan to build a secondary school on the site. It is taking away a well loved Green space, will increase traffic and will make life very difficult for the residents.

SHARE Protecting Rokeby to Protect Rugby is the campaign page set up by local residents. Give it a like and show your support. Local grassroots action like this is needed more than ever.