Graham Bliss: ‘I believe that Rugby can be better for all. I believe in myself, and in you.’


Green Party candidate Graham Bliss tells Rugby Advertiser readers in his own words why he deserves their vote. As outlined here, Graham,’s ambitious and exciting plans are finding a receptive audience in Rugby with the latest YouGov poll projection for the constituency showing a sizeable increase in support over 2015.

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“I believe in the Green Party and what it can do to change the conversation, to work towards enacting change. I lead our campaign in 2015 and to match this experience with my confidence, strong personal convictions and passion for politics,I am ready to embrace this election campaign and the possible future role and challenges of being MP.

I support stronger environmental protections, oppose fracking and support renewable energy industries; I support implementing proportional representation; I support basic income as a future policy; I support policies that make sure corporations pay their way, eradicate zero- hours’ contracts, and increase the minimum wage; I support NUT and NASWUT with educational-based policies; I support the public re-ownership of rail and bus services; I support stronger animal welfare and environmental protection measures.

I support the Green Party policy of a second referendum on the EU; I support measures to oppose bias in the media; I support campaigns such as positive money, to help fight corruption; I support upgrading St Cross, and will passionately defend the NHS from cuts and further privatisation; I support the rights of LGBTIQA and religious communities; I support fixing the school shortage problem in Rugby; I support refunding the green bins; I support measures to sort out chronic air pollution in Rugby; I support lower rents in the town centre to help independent businesses; I support the funding of community-led projects to help the young people of Rugby.

I believe in the forward thinking that this party has. I believe we live in the most explosive, exciting and frightening period of change in human history, and that we stand at a tipping point. I believe that Rugby can be better for all. I believe in myself, and in you.”