Education and Health Services. Graham’s Pledge to the People of Rugby and Bulkington

As the campaign draws to a close Graham returns to a central topic of his campaign, the shocking decline in public services for the people of Rugby under the present Government.

Graham drew attention to this report in the Rugby Advertiser regarding a letter sent by a group of 17 primary schools explaining the acute financial situation they face due to changes in funding.  The letter from Head Teachers in Rugby encouraged parents to sign petitions, question prospective parliamentary and lobby incumbent Mark Pawsey to fight the changes, which could see £150,000 cut from budgets by 2019/20.

Graham was fully supportive of the schools saying:

The Tory [Mark] Pawsey is responsible for this. Say no to Tory cuts to our schools in Rugby.


Graham also highlighted the restricted services of the local NHS St Cross Hospital. Friends of St Cross have just committed to raise £23,000 to improve the Children’s ward here. This will greatly help the hospital, but it needs far more.  Graham explained:

I was born in St Cross. A few weeks back my 11 month baby daughter was not well at all and we were asked to go to Walsgrave because Rugby couldn’t help. We were waiting there for 5 hours in a cramped waiting room with other sick children and their parents. The staff were doing their absolute best but there was only one doctor. I met a family from Lutterworth, who had chosen Coventry because it was closest for them and they couldn’t go to St Cross either.

Rugby is facing population growth that puts it strongly in the realms for investment for its own hospital. Privatisation and funding cuts do not help. The national funding gap is around £30bn!

The Green party would give an immediate cash Injection into the NHS to help improve services, hire more nurses and doctors and would end the privatisation experiment that this Tory government has done nothing to stop.  Graham added:

I would work hard to increase front line services at St Cross. We need a proper A&E and we need improved services here across the board. This is my pledge to you.