Rugby Green Party Protest Tomorrow Against Autocratic Council Local Plan Proposals

An attempt will be made tomorrow (Wednesday 21st August) by the Conservative-dominated Council to force through the Rugby Borough ‘Local Plan’.

It effectively allows developers to tear up the green spaces in the borough for the benefit of big business  with little reference to the need for good quality council and social housing and REAL affordable housing for local people.

Rugby Borough Council received over three thousand responses to its draft Local Plan. Instead of listening to Rugby’s residents, however, councillors will be asked to vote to give one man, Rob Back (the Council’s Head of Growth and Investment, the power to make any changes he sees fit before submitting the Local Plan to the Secretary of State. The Tory councillors are trying to hide behind a Council Officers ‘delegated’ authority.

Rugby Green Party calls for the ‘Local Plan’ to be voted down and that local Councillor demand the Government halts this undemocratic charter for the profits of big business developers.

The meeting starts at 7pm at the Benn Hall on Wednesday. Rugby Green Party will be gathering outside the Hall to protest against the proposal. If you care about your local community and democracy, please join us.

For more information on the proposals and the objections visit the Rugby About Turn Facebook Page.