In The Light of Work on Camden Council Tower Blocks, Rugby Borough Needs to Take Action Now!

Rugby Borough Council have confirmed that flammable cladding which is thought to have accelerated the disaster at Grenfell Towers is not used on Rugby’s tower blocks, which comply with fire safety standards and are regularly inspected

But Rugby Green Party believes this is not good enough. Speaking to the Rugby Observer Toy Sandison said:

The Residents’ Action Group in Glenfell Towers reported concerns and said they were being ignored by their council.


We are calling on RBC to immediately visit the tower blocks and ensure all fire safety measures are of the highest standard.

An old Pre Grenfell Fire leaflet and past fire inspections is not good enough. This is particularly so following the action at Camden where the local Fire Brigade found multiple serious risk factors.

As such, there needs to be a proper detailed assessments of these very old tower blocks, with inspection of the fabric of the building to exclude the possibility of communal and other flats being compromised by smoke. In addition there must be  a review of the Fire Alarms, Signage, Emergency Lighting and enforcement of anti clutter policy in the stairways as well the installation of Sprinklers as was recommended by the previous enquirys into tower block fires that was ignored by past governments.

Rugby Green Party is calling on Rugby Borough Council to take action not ignore the facts emerging from the Grenfell Fire and Camden remedial work.