Save Rugby’s Children’s Centres. Stop Warwickshire County Council’s Destructive Plans

Warwickshire County Council have announced its intention to reassess 5 of Rugby’s Children Centres with a threat of closure.

At risk are the centres in Cawston, Dunchurch, Hillmorton, Newbold and Wolston. Those at Claremont and Oakfield would be turned into family hubs. The County Council claims the changes are necessary as part of a plan to save £1.1 million from its children’s centre budget from 1 April 2018.

Rugby Green Party considers the proposals represent a serious mistake by the County Council at a time of severe hardship for the most vulnerable families in the Borough.. Aside from the damage to the lives of parents whose children have special needs, in purely financial terms it is better to invest in all children now so they have a better chance of making a valuable contribution to society as adults.

More Information and How to Make Your Views Known

More details of Rugby’s Children’s Centres can be found on the dedicated WCC page while the Facebook Page includes details of consultation sessions happening around Rugby this week.

Alternatively you can fill in the Reshaping Services for Children and Families (Children’s Centre Consultation) questionnaire online. Email for more details or telephone 01926 742350 to request consultation information.