End the Fat Cat Controllers; Bring our Railways Back into Public Ownership

Rail fares are going up by as much as 3.6%.  This is the biggest increase in five years. and means that an annual season ticket from Rugby to Birmingham which now costs £2832 will rise by £102 to £2934 after January 2018.

With many low paid workers getting at best a 1% pay rise this means an unacceptable drain on their finances.  The fact that large sums are being skimmed off by shareholders and foreign investors is a scandal

Prices continue to go up while services from private companies get worse and worse. Trains from Rugby are being delayed because of lack of dtaff and Virgin Trains have shamefully blamed drivers taking scheduled rest days as a reason for cancelling trains altogether!

Running a train service making massive profits with tired drivers is not acceptable and potentially very dangerous. Unlike our Conservative MP, Mark Pawsey who wants the railways to remain in private hands with high fares, over crowding and not enough staff as well as massive profit for shareholders, Rugby Green Party want our railways back in public ownership.

Mark Summers Rugby Green Co-ordinator said:

Private ownership  only works where you can give people genuine choice in a competitive environment. But that is not the case with our railways and the Rugby to London route operates effectively as a local monopoly.  This is a national service so must be returned to public ownership as a matte of urgency.