The Boundary Commission’s Proposals for Rugby Constituency are Undemocratic and Unacceptable.

The Boundary Commission for England is proposing to replace the current Rugby and Bulkington Parliamentary Constituency create a new one called Rugby and Southam.  Incredibly, Long Lawford would not be included in this new constituency, instead being included as part of an enlarged Nuneaton constituency.

An out of date electoral register was used to fix the new boundaries, being based on the December 2015 register, which has around 1.75 million fewer voters than had registered by June 2016. As such Rugby Green Party believes that the proposals are an affront to democracy with what amounts to gerrymandering taking place.

Roy Sandison said:

Electoral boundaries need to take in account centres of population and how outlying areas relate to them. There is little argument that we can see in putting the Kineton and Bishops Itchington wards in with Rugby instead of Long Lawford and Wolston that have clear transport and local council connections to Rugby.

But it would appear that the Boundary Commission has scope within the rules for rethinking its proposals. The 2011 Act which underpins the Commission’s work states that it may take into account:

  • Local government boundaries as they existed on 7 May 2015;
  • Any local ties that would be broken by changes in constituencies.

It is unacceptable that people in the Lawfords and Wolson would be forced to travel the 15 miles to an MP surgery in Nuneaton rather than the 2-3 miles to Rugby.  This partucularly disadvatages the more vulnerable members of the community, the old, less well-off and disabled who may have greater need to see their MP.

The Boundary Commission must be ,made to reconsider their proposals.  Every comment adds weight to the case. You add your voice by commenting directly on the proposals.