Thank You, Voters of Rugby

WE DID IT. Congratulations to Ellie Chowns the Green Party’s first ever West Midlands MEP. Most importantly, a huge Thank You to all the voters in Rugby who trusted us with their votes in the European Parliament Election.

Source: Rugby Borough Council

Overall the number of people voting for us increased by almost 100%; with our share of the vote nearly doubling from 5.6% to 10.8% compared with the last European Elections. With the Green vote here in Rugby slightly outperforming the region as a whole, a big HURRAH for all our fabulous voters, supporters and activists.

You have helped elect the first Green representative to cover the Rugby area, joining people from all over the West Midlands in standing up for climate action, equality, a better future and against hate. More widely, Greens did well all over England taking our number of MEPs to 7.

We will continue to campaign for a fairer, greener Rugby town which works for all residents.