After Lockdown, Let’s Build Back Better for Rugby

We are living and working through some of the most stressful times in living memory. But with the fantastic work being done by the NHS, care staff, key workers and many members of our community, we can look forward to better times ahead.

As Britain starts to think about life after lockdown, what are we imagining in Rugby Green Party? Is it really possible to go back to life as it was before?  Are we really going to inflict the effects of recession and austerity for the poor as the Government tries to pay back the money borrowed?

To go ‘back to normal’ after Covid19 lockdown would be to miss a huge opportunity. To build back better means sharing our economic wealth more equally, a basic income for all, a better work-life balance, less waste and more sustainable living.

For Rugby we will continue to push for:

  • Cleaner Air and Environment
  • Greener Healthier Transport
  • Improved Wildlife Habitats

We must Build Back Better for Rugby, the country and the planet.