Thank You for Voting Green!

This year we had our biggest local elections yet. Communities across the country wanted a different kind of politics, people wanted local candidates who listened, who put people and planet at the forefront of local decisions.

Demonstrating the growing strength of the Green Party in Rugby, we stood candidates in every single ward throughout the Brough at the Council Elections on Thursday 4th May. This gave everyone a chance to vote for us this time around.

Thousands of people voted Green and while it didn’t convert to Councillors here in Rugby, we’ve seen some incredible Green wins across the county and More widely across the West Midlands.

Greens gained two additional seats on Stratford Council while in Warwick District we gained 6 to bring our total there to 14, making us the largest party. Across the West Midlands the Green Party went into the elections with 67 seats but finished with a remarkable 94.

Rugby Borough Council itself is now in No Overall Control and you can find detailed ward-by-ward results on the Council website.

Your support is more vital than ever, and we are asking you to join us as a member today. Our members shape our policy, they are part of a wider Green community working together to protect and fight for our planet.

Hundreds of new members have joined this week; there’s never been a better time to be part of this movement and help us gain Green Councillors in Rugby. You can join us here.

Once again, thank you for your support