I am standing for this election for many reasons. But the biggest is because I believe in the Green party and what they can do to change the conversation, and hopefully one day, to be able to enact change.

I was delighted when helping to lead our campaign and support our candidate in 2015 and we tripled our vote share in the town. to match this experience with my confidence, strong personal convictions and passion for politics, working in a secondary school, and singing in a band, I am ready to embrace this election campaign and the possible future role and challenges of being MP.

I am a Green Party member because I believe in the forward thinking that this party has. I believe in basic income. I believe in the fourth industrial revolution. I believe we live in the most explosive, exciting and frightening period of change in human history, and that we stand at a tipping point. I believe that Rugby can be better for all. I Believe in myself, and in you. Vote Green June 8th.