Here is my 20 point Manifesto on the issues I feel are most important to me and my campaign. I have split it into National Issues, and Rugby/Local Issues.


1 · I Support stronger environmental protections, oppose Fracking (including Underground Coal Gasification) and support Renewable energy projects and industries nearby and beyondI support Proportional Representation in Parliament to make every vote count in future elections

2   I support any parliamentary discussion or implementation about Basic income as a future policy, with a mind to future automation and the upcoming fourth industrial revolution

3  I support policies that make sure corporations pay their way, eradicate zero hours’ contracts, and increase the minimum wage.

4  I support NUT and NASWUT with educational based policies, to ensure that teachers are involved in policy creation directly, with discussion towards possible future move to a Finland model, which changes the very nature of our education system.

5  I support the public re-ownership of rail and bus services

6  I support Animal welfare measures and environmental protection measures, such as recent concepts like giving animals and habitats the same rights as human beings to protect them

7  I support the Green party policy of a second referendum on the EU, with Remain on the ballot.

8  I support measures to oppose blatant bias in the Media – such as stronger press regulation or campaigns like Sleeping Giants/Stop the hate

9  I support the disabled community in their struggle against conservative cuts and would attempt to introduce some funding to support these people locally.

10  I support campaigns such as positive money, to help fight corruption and improve the way economics in this country works.


11  I support upgrading St Cross, and will passionately defend the NHS from cuts and further privatisation

12  I support the rights of the Muslim & Religious communities to be free to be themselves without harm or intimidation, and this also goes for other minority groups such as LGBTIQA+

13  I support the development of a programme of 1 million green jobs (as identified by Trade Unions and green groups) including building on the existing skills in Rugby to make our town the Green jobs capital of the UK

14  I support fixing the school shortage problem in Rugby as a matter of urgency

15  I support the council with refunding the Green bins and ensuring every citizen gets their green bins back, emptied as they were before

16  I support measures to sort out the chronic air pollution in Rugby, be it possible pedestrianisation of the town centre to reduce traffic or other progressive ideas.

17   I support lower rents in the town centre to ensure independent businesses can actually thrive rather than open and close within months due to lack of funds

18  I support any attempts to reduce the amount of people going to food banks in Rugby, by putting pressure on local businesses to pay proper wages and cut zero contracts for people, especially for those with young families

19  I support the funding of community led projects to help the young people of Rugby, be it possible community centres,studios or live venues

20  I will be a vote for change in Rugby.